Peter Yellowlees MD Your Health in the Information Age
How you and your doctor can use the Internet to work together

You, your doctor and the internet - your new healthcare team in the Age of Information.

See what the worlds most prestigious academic medical journal, The Journal of the American Medical Association (July 1st 2009) says about online health care and my book.

Your Health in the Information Age "takes on the monumental task of offering an excellent exploration of the exponentially expanding world of e-health for readers already searching health information on the internet as well as for relative newbies".

"given the immense scope of the Internet, this book offers an in-depth commentary on all aspects of e-health"

Your Health in the Information Age "is an academic and insightful look into the exciting and nascent world of online health care. Whatever your views on the flaws and failures of the US health care system, you have to admit that things are changing. Make no mistake: online care is a game changer"


Welcome to Information Age Health. My name is Dr Peter Yellowlees. I do hope you find this website, and my book, helpful. Do contact me at with any questions or comments. And follow my blog at where you will find my 5 simple search strategies for high quality health information, and 7 reasons why President Obama is right to promote electronic health care. I am also on facebook - so join facebook at - and twitter ( and become a friend to keep up with the conversation on how to use the internet for healthcare........I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Yellowlees

At InformationAgeHealth you will learn how to use the internet to make yourself better. You will learn to find health information that is relevant to you, and work out the best questions to ask your doctor to be sure you are getting the best possible treatment.

Are you sick? Are you getting the best treatment? Do you want to check out alternative therapies? Do you understand your symptoms? Do you know why you are taking your medications? How can you monitor your health? Can you access your doctor easily? Do you know how experienced your doctor is, and whether he or she is expert in your illness?

Healthcare is now about information. Find it here in softcover or hardcover versions of my book.

What are the most commonly used keyword health search terms on the Internet? They fall into two categories - general information and specific disorders.

The top words in the general information category are: pubmed, webmd, medline, medical dictionary and walgreens. And in the specific disorders group they are: sex, pregnancy, depression, herpes, chlamydia, shingles, plastic surgery, breast augmentation.

It is clear that patients are hungry for information about health, but that they are searching in very different ways, and most likely having trouble finding the best information for their individual problem. That is why it is essential that patients understand how to search the internet effectively, and how to find the best questions to ask their doctor. Buy the Kindle copy of my book here.

The practice of healthcare is about patients and doctors sharing information - both face to face, and online. Medicine is increasingly being practiced online, as we gradually move into the Information Age.

Welcome to my exciting new book "Your Health in the Information Age - how you and your doctor can use the internet to work together"

I hope this book will change your life. I hope it will improve your health. I hope it will allow you to work more closely and effectively with your doctor, as you both use the power of the internet, to find the best treatment for you.

Are you one of the 10 million Americans who search for health information on the Internet for themselves or for loved ones every single day? Are you one of the millions of others whose medical records are now kept electronically by their doctor? Do you want to be able to email your doctor, but don't want to trouble them? Are you sure you are getting the best, and most up to date, treatment? Or conversely, are you using the internet too much - are you an "internet addict" - and if so, how can you help yourself?

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My book is written in a practical way to allow you to understand and select the right type of health information and use it in your relationship with your doctor in a way that is most helpful for you.

Almost every patient I see nowadays has already been on the Internet before my consultation with them. See some examples of their stories on this site.

People are increasingly using the internet as an aid to their usual care, and in all sorts of different ways. This is what you will learn from my book and from my website.

"Mandatory reading for all patients and providers who want to understand the use and impact of technology on modern medical care". Jay Shore MD, Associate Professor, University of Colorado

"A guide to health on the Internet that is practical, easy to use and on point" Don Hilty MD, Professor, University of California Davis

If you don't have time to spend hours hunting for information on the internet, spend a few minutes here and learn how to search properly and easily. You can also buy the shortened version of my book as an e-book to download to your iPhone, blackberry, pda, palm, kindle, sony reader of pc at

I do hope you are helped by my book, and by this website.

Peter Yellowlees MD