Peter Yellowlees MD Your Health in the Information Age
How you and your doctor can use the Internet to work together
e-Book Version

A shortened version of my book is available for download to your iPhone (via Stanza, a free application from the Apple applications center), to your blackberry or PDA, or to your kindle or PC. This is the version to buy if you are in a hurry and just want the meat of the book.

It is called "4 simple steps to better health, an insiders look", is 17,000 words long, so you can read it all in a couple of hours, and is downloadable from

Four simple steps are described in the e-Book. In brief they are:


1. Learn about how to use the internet for your healthcare.


2. Check out your doctor, and any other health providers, to make sure that they are appropriately expert and qualified to provide your care - and that they can do this using the internet


3. Learn to work collaboratively with your doctor using internet based healthcare


4. Check out your current treatment, and compare it with best practices and health guidelines that you can find on the internet. Then consult with your doctor, and discuss any areas where you think improvements can be made.