Peter Yellowlees MD Your Health in the Information Age
How you and your doctor can use the Internet to work together
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November 28th 2008. See the following press release about "Your Health in the Information Age"

December 4th 2008. See Dr Yellowlees featured on ABC Channel 10 in Sacramento

Press Release Dec 19th on Yahoo

Dec 19th on Reuters

Dec 19th on

Dec 19th on Los Angeles Times

Jan 22nd 2009. See the interview by Shirley Roe with Dr Yellowlees on American Chronicle

January 25th 2009. Press Release on PRlog.

February 18th 2009 at Auger Hollingsworth, Canada


July 1st 2009 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, see the excellent positive review that includes the following:

Your Health in the Information Age "takes on the monumental task of offering an excellent exploration of the exponentially expanding world of e-health for readers already searching health information on the internet as well as for relative newbies".

"given the immense scope of the Internet, this book offers an in-depth commentary on all aspects of e-health"

Your Health in the Information Age "is an academic and insightful look into the exciting and nascent world of online health care. Whatever your views on the flaws and failures of the US health care system, you have to admit that things are changing. Make no mistake: online care is a game changer"

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