Peter Yellowlees MD Your Health in the Information Age
How you and your doctor can use the Internet to work together
Ski Health

Dr Yellowlees at the 8,700 ft Emigrant peak, with a view of Lake Tahoe behind, at Squaw Valley, California, Jan 2009

Jenny got fit for her annual ski holiday in L ake Tahoe with regular gym sessions and an online fitness and nutrition program. She made sure that her electronic medical records were up to date, and accessible, before going on holiday, and was able to log into them at the ski-clinic when, at the end of her holiday, she tore her anterior cruciate ligament. She emailed her MRI scans to her own doctor, and after she had read all about the injury on the Internet, she agreed with him that it was best to undertake surgery in New York on her return. She recovered quickly because she was physically fit, and knowledgeable about her rehabilitation needs.

Learn how to use the internet to improve your fitness before you ski, to keep you well while you holiday, to help you get the best treatment if you get injured, and to maintain your relationship with your own doctor at all times.

Top Tips for Skiers

1. Do you know how to find the best health websites for information on fitness and nutrition?

2. How do you judge which websites contain high quality information, and which ones are dubious or of poor quality?

3. Do you want to be able to email your doctor, and keep your own online health records? Find out the best way of approaching your doctor on these subjects, and learn about “netiquette”, (etiquette on the internet).

4. If you are injured are you sure you will get the best, and most up to date, treatment? Find out where to look for treatment guidelines for all types of injuries and illnesses.

5. Do you want to improve your relationship with your doctor? Go online, simplify your healthcare, ask about e-prescribing options if you lose your medications.

6. How is your healthcare going to change in future? Find out about virtual reality and online doctors and clinics. Practice skiing in Second Life at

7. Are you excessively worried about getting injured? Are you a “cyberchondriac”? Or are you an Internet addict? Test yourself, and look for solutions if you or someone you know needs them.