Peter Yellowlees MD Your Health in the Information Age
How you and your doctor can use the Internet to work together

"This is one of the best reads I’ve ever enjoyed and benefited from in the health space. There are so many insights and common sense approaches to navigating this ‘new’ health care for both patients and clinicians (supported by excellent references and expert opinion) that -- as a potential patient, parent, advocate, or technology provider – I leave educated, inspired and relieved such a resource now exists."

Ron Oberleitner, Autism Advocate, CEO Caring Technologies , Idaho

"Mandatory reading for all patients and providers who want to understand the use and impact of technology on modern medical care"

Jay Shore MD, Associate Professor, University of Colorado

"A guide to health on the Internet that is practical, easy to use and on point"


Don Hilty MD, Professor, University of California Davis


"This book is very useful to clinicians from all backgrounds. I'll make frequent use of this book in my private practice. Based on information in Dr. Yellowlees' book, I'll also be able to expand my private psychology practice to provide online services."


Kathleen Ayers PhD. Private Consulting Psychologist, California 

"This is an excellent, up-to-date review of how technology is changing health care, with guides to uses of new tools like the Web and Second Life, but with some cautions as to potential problems that neophytes might encounter."

Richard Walters PhD Professor Emeritus Computer Science, UC Davis

"This is a terrific book on several levels. I would recommend this book to all those who wish to establish a symbiotic relationship between patients and doctors through the effective use of the Internet"

Sanjeev Tandon, MD, Associate Professor, Haryana University, India

"This book is an amazing compendium of information.The book should rest next to the computer of anyone who needs to gain insight on how to use the internet to improve their health. It is equally handy for the physician who needs an expert colleagues advice in this exciting world of net-centric health care"

Lt Col Timothy Lacy, MD, Chief of Telehealth and Enterprise Imaging, USAF Medical Services.

" I highly recommend Your Health in the Information Age to patients and medical staff alike. I know first hand that Dr Yellowlees "walks the talk". This is a book with a strong social conscience for anyone interested in improving the quality of care that they are giving or receiving."

Glynis Thorp RN, Master of Mental Health Nursing, Wilcannia, Australia

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