Peter Yellowlees MD Your Health in the Information Age
How you and your doctor can use the Internet to work together
Tips for Patients

Top Tips for Patients from "Your health in the Information Age"



  1. The practice of healthcare is about patients and doctors sharing information - both face to face, and online, with the internet as the third partner in the relationship – so talk to your doctor about how internet capable they are, and encourage them to communicate online.



  2. To take advantage of the internet to improve your health - make sure you are computer literate. If you are not, then improve your skills so you can take advantage of the internet. Find out where the courses are by reading the book.



  3. 10 million Americans search for health information on the Internet for themselves or for loved ones every single day yet health information on the internet is notoriously unreliable. This book will teach you how to search more effectively and efficiently, and will let you find high quality information that is relevant to you.



  4. Are you one of the millions whose medical records are now kept electronically by their doctor? Talk to your doctor to see if you can share access to these records, and learn how you would understand them. Check whether your doctor can "e-prescribe" for you so that you can pick up your medications direct from your local pharmacy.



  5. Do you want to be able to email your doctor, but don't want to trouble them? Find out the best way of approaching your doctor on this subject, and learn about "netiquette", (etiquette on the internet).



  6. Are you sure you are getting the best, and most up to date, treatment? Find out where to look for treatment guidelines.



  7. Are you considering taking part in a clinical trial? – find out how to search the national databases of available clinical trials, many of which are in your area.



  8. Do you want to improve your relationship with your doctor? Go online, simplify your healthcare, and in particular ask about e-prescribing options because these will save you and your doctor immense amounts of time and energy.



  9. How is your healthcare going to change in future? Find out about virtual reality and online doctors and clinics.



  10. Are you an internet addict? Or are you a "cyberchondriac"? Test yourself, and look for solutions if you or someone you know needs them.