Peter Yellowlees MD Your Health in the Information Age
How you and your doctor can use the Internet to work together
Useful internet links

This page has a list of useful links that you can use. Most are quoted in the book, but obviously as these links change I will try to keep them up to date as much as possible. Enjoy!

For general information on almost any topic go to Wikipedia, the ultimate online encyclopedia at: and for all simple searches use google at or yahoo at

To find out how many people use the internet for healthcare, and for a series of internet health reports, go to the Pew Foundation at or or look at Harris Interactive at

To find excellent online courses on internet searching go to

For high quality health information on a US Government page go to: or or to the National Institutes of Health or the National Library of Medicine at

The United Kingdom equivalent sites are or and in Australia the site is

For clinical trials on almost any topic anywhere in the US go to:

For information on health prevention go to

To search for academic papers at Pub Med go to or to psycinfo at

Find clinical guidelines for best practice treatment protocols at and evidence based medicine reviews at

Find high quality commercially written health information at WebMD at, excellent continuing medical education articles and the free online peer reviewed journal, the Medscape Journal of Medicine, at as well as the high quality review papers from eMedicine at

For groups of other people with multiple similar interests, health or otherwise, go to google groups at

To experience virtual reality join Second Life, and find me as my avatar Nash Baldwin, at

To find the latest in academic and commercial health information technology go to the American Medical Informatics Association at , to the American Telemedicine Association at or to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society at

For futuristic views of where we are going look at Internet2 at or go to NASA at